The Brooklyn Review is looking for innovative new poetry, fiction, performance texts, nonfiction and visual art. Although we do not advertise any particular "house style," we admire writing that seeks to enact formal challenges and concerns through its content; creates a vibrant field for language play; challenges traditional distinctions between genres or modes; and carries the torch of experimental or radical aesthetics in any way. We are particularly interested in amplifying the voices of historically marginalized writers, thereby opening new spaces for aesthetics, politics, and intersubjectivity to flourish. 

Ultimately, we encourage everyone to read our previously published authors for a better glimpse of the magazine's style. All submissions will be considered for rolling publication on our website as well as inclusion in our print issues, published once a year each spring.

Please submit only one work per reading period in any given genre, and please, only original, previously unpublished works. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere.

At different points throughout the year, we accept: 

Fiction: up to 7,000 words.

Poetry: up to 3 poems. Please format and submit your work in a single document.

Performance texts: up to 5,000 words.

Nonfiction: up to 3,500 words.

Art: Photography, drawings, paintings, comics, multimedia, and digital art. Up to 5 jpegs, pdfs, etc.

The Brooklyn Review nonfiction section is committed to publishing the work of BIPOC writers and activists as part of our attempt to upturn "the hierarchies of cultural production that have contributed directly to social and systemic determinations of whose lives matter and why” (UChicago English Faculty Statement). 

We love experimental writing that merges into memoir, poetry, fiction, lyric, or dramas, and we love personal essays, as well as narratives about travel, science, history, art, pop culture, music and more—all with an emphasis on narrative. So, no matter what you write about or how you write it, be sure to tell a story. The message of the work is critical. 

We are seeking writing that orbits a center throughout the piece and works towards illuminating a transformative truth. We love writers writing about writing and pieces that cliff dive into different communities and life experiences. Send us an engaged piece of writing that takes chances with its writing style. Pieces should not exceed 3500 words. We look forward to reading your work!

About the Editors

Monique Ngozi Nri

I am a Black, cisgendered woman of Nigerian and Barbadian parentage who has lived and worked in Lagos and London and now New York. I am a poet, performer and reader and writer who recently graduated from Brooklyn College with an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry). I am committed to fighting for social justice in all areas of my life.

Virginia Marshall

I'm a writer and radio-maker, a white, cis-gendered woman, a dog-owner and voracious novel-reader. During the day, I work for Brooklyn Public Library, where I make their podcast, Borrowed. By night, I'm a second year fiction student at Brooklyn College's MFA program. I love reading creative non-fiction that has a strong narrative voice and teaches me something new about the world.

We welcome submissions of photography, painting/mixed media, printmaking, film, multimedia, and digital art. Please include a short bio in your cover letter. You can submit up to 5 files.

About The Editors

Suchi Pritchard

I am a painter, poet and occasional reviewer. I am eager to be with your work, I value ingenuity and craft. Thank you for sharing your work with the Brooklyn Review.

Kyle Brosnihan

I am a Filipino American poet and playwright from Nebraska. I love paintings, collage, mixed media,  photography, and digital works. I love work made with honesty, imagination, and passion.

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